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    Ok, just got my 600 and am anxious to get my contacts, calendar, and applications over to it from the 300.

    Do you uninstall Palm Desktop, Hotsync, and everything else and then reinstall from the disc that came with the 600? Or just hook up the 600 and resync?

    I hope I have all my registration codes from the software on my 300 (ewallet, snappermail, etc...)

    EDIT: Well, should have checked the manual first...instructions are there...still hope I have all my registration codes!
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    Hi Mo-bile,

    It is clearly spelled out in your users guide, 1st you download the new sync software to the puter you have the old sync software on, it will recognize that you have it, filter any programs that may not be compatible with the 600, and tell you exactly when to synchronize etc....
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    yeah, I edited my post above once I realized it was in the user guide.

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