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    Quick question. I ordered a Treo 600 yesterday from and I have not received any word on shipping, etc. I ordered it 3pm next day delivery and it hasn't showed up yet.

    The website clearly states that orders received before 4pm est are shipped out that day. No where is this caveated.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    I never recieved email confirmation for shipping but next day showed up as advertised.
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    I too ordered mine yesterday next day and havn't heard anything. I e-mailed and asked and Markus forwarded my e-mail to their wherehouse asking for a tracking number for me, so I have faith.
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    Sometimes afternoon orders may get pushed to the next day, depending on the morning volume. Please send me your order id, and I will see if I can get a tracking number.

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    My order# is 167. If the order has shipped late, I would expect an adjustment on the shipping charge.
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    Am order 178 but I now see the charge on my CC.
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    Early bird gets the T600. Got mine last night, loving it. Marcus thanks much for the getting me info during the crazy day one of the T600 orders.

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