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    I've got a basic generic over the head headest for my Treo 300. I am using it now on my Treo 600. However the jack will not stay in the 600, It doesn't seem to "lock" into it. If i so much as pull on the headset a slight bit, it will put it out a milimeter and then not work. Anyone else having this problem? This is very annoying for me since I use my Treo for business and am on it a lot during the day.
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    It's not just you - I've had teh same problem with my Jabra headset - no positve action when you put the plug in the jack.

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    Mine works, it just wont stay in the socket.
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    Is the jack socket too wide?

    I guess you will have to find some way of fattening your plugs.

    Perhaps a tiny ring of glue, tape or solder at the very top.

    Obviously make sure you leave the contacts alone!

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