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    I could have gone to each thread where someone has posted a review of their 600 but that would take too much time on my part so I thought I would start a new thread on this subject.

    Face goo is gross, but I haven't found a way to avoid it with any PDA phone.

    I typically hold the headset at an angle keeping the screen away from my face but this feels strange.

    I also use an earbud sometimes, but it sure would be nice to be able to hold it and use it like a regular phone.

    I know there have been face goo threads in the past, but I want to know bad it is with the 600.
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    Whadya work for the porn industry or something? The only face goo I could think of comes off YOU! So stop doing whatever you're doing.
    Remember: You're a geek, normal people don't think like you!
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    What does face goo taste like? :-)

    Sorry - couldn't help it.

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