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    OK, T600 works great. But I still can't figure out e-mail. Please let me know if my assupmtions are correct.

    SMS does not work at this time. The "only" way to receive alerts or e-mails is through "Sprint PCS" e-mail.

    When I get an e-mail alert, I have to go into PCS, and into PCS Mail. I now have to log in each time I go into PCS Mail. Should I have to log in each time?

    Sometimes my e-mails are there, sometimes not. Sometimes when I log in, and go to the in-box, it takes me to the log in screen again, repeatedly.

    I'm a little frustrated. Any help??
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    My T600 just arrived and is still charging (ordered it Weds from HS and arrived this morning), so I can't help you much with the email. However, you should be able to receive alerts / short messages just as you did with the T300. The *responding* to short messages is what Sprint does not yet support.

    To receive an alert, set up whatever services you use to send email to where the X's are your 10 digit phone number. I use Yahoo's mobile services ( to send me sports scores and stock prices at certain intervals. It has worked on my T300 without any problem. Given that the limitation of responding is Sprint's (not the devices') I see no reason why it would not work on the T600 as well.

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    eriklars - Thanks!
    That's what I needed!!
    Works great!

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