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    I just picked up at Body Glove Universsal Nylon Cell Suit, and the T6 fits in it perfectly. It's a pouch-style holder with an optional belt clip. I've always like Body Glove cases, and this one is o exception. Only $19 at CompUSA.
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    any pictures??? and product codes?
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    I saw that last night Played with it for like 5 minutes... didnt like the way it hung off my belt.. sticks out too far. It's REALLY nice tho, velety inside, seems like it would protect well. Fit perfect, i agree, but cant get used to horiz cases that stick out far.
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    Originally posted by mattmcg
    any pictures??? and product codes?
    There is no product code on the package, but the product name is simply "Body Glove Universal Nylon Cell Suit"

    I'm also not a big fan of horiz cases, but this one will do until I get a better one. I'm waiting for a wrap around case, like from Vaja or something, to come out. I want more protection.
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    wow, great new leathercase from covertec (avail end of oct)
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    that form fitted case looks really nice.
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    I'd like to see a form-fitted case without the plastic/vinyl over the face.
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    Has anyone tried the Brookstone Star-Tac case? I used one for my 300 until I got the Seidio holster.
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    The Brookstone case that fit the Treo 300 so well is too wide for my Treo 600. I'm checking out the Nokia case mentioned in an earlier thread.
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    I carry my phone on a clip 90% of the day. I am constantly in and out of my car and doing a lot of work that tends to bang the phone around a little (not heavy construction work).

    When someone finds a flip case for the 600 please post the link. I have been all over. I think the case from looks good - but $50 is a little high. I am looking for the $20-$40 range.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Those are the BEST cases I have seen for any SmartPhone by far. They made the side case just the way I want it and the vertical case looks awesome too. I may just have to get both. So how exactly do we order them in the US? Will TreoCentral or have them to order.

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