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    I had ordered the case for the Treo600 late in the day on Weds. I recieved it this morning by specifying the express service. That's great service considering it is coming from NZ.

    Anyway, the Tre600 fits in the case *ok*, but it seems a bit too big for the size of the treo600, even with the double stitching. I will post pictures later when I get home.

    Adam Mazza
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    I'm in the same boat: just got Nutshell 203. I agree it's still a little loose, but it's better than the old one, plus you gotta commend Nutshell for getting one out so fast. Maybe the extra space will be useful if the T600 + external battery will still fit in it. I'd be able to comment if Mobile Planet hadn't just pushed off the delivery time for my accessories until the end of next week!

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