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    Originally posted by skfny

    I won't NOT go to Treocentral just because I'm registered at a new site. I'll go to both. This just gives, at the very least, a place for all of us to get together when TC is down.
    True, but your time and eyeballs will likely be split between them -- at least some of the time and for some of the people. This kind of thing happened to a friend of mine recently and he wasn't too happy about it. As it has been said though, if the moderators have no problem with it, I don't see what's wrong with it.
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    Well I read about (7) threads for PalmOS and PPC. I Post on about 4 of them and it actually doesn't cut down on my reading, but it does take longer to keep up. Most of the sites are for latest news and apps. But its always good to seek out new ideas and discussions especially if one site is being clogged with multiple rehash post or duplicate threads.
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