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    Actually, I just surf to the site on Blazer and download directly...Blazer automagically knows what to do with it!
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    I went to this link:

    and I did not find any "normal" tones.

    All they have more damn musical tones.

    Too bad the Treo doesn't support using an MP3 file as a ring tone.

    Still searching,
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    Originally posted by itsyvonne
    Okay, for some dumb reason I made it my mission to find some of these 'normal' ringtones that are freely downloadable. I found some at the following German site - about halfway down the page you'll find a bunch of "normal midi tones" which I think will do nicely for you!
    hey thanx for the link. I finally have a couple of "normal" ringtones on my 600. I still would like to have one or two that's a little louder, but this will do for now.

    By the way, I download then emailed myself, Snappermail did the rest. That's it!
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    Originally posted by rashah
    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but once I have emailed a midi ringtone to myself, and saved the attachment, how can I select it using Preferences...Sound?

    Actually, you can do it directly from Blazer. Goto the site like (Great find, by the way!)

    Nav down to the links with the ringtones, like "bell1.mid". Highlite it and press the center button. You are prompted to save. Do so, accept it and low and behold, you will see your selected .mid sitting in your tones/manage tones display.
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