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    Just ordered my 600 and cant wait until monday!!! I need to find out the best app for looking up phone numbers(directory assistance). I have Directory Assistant on my 300 but it no longer works. Any suggestions? Also, is Big Clock still the best clock/alarm app? I have it and like it.
    Now for the biggie. When I get my CD for the 600 I will install it on my new laptop. I assume I simply connect my 300 to the cable and transfer all the data to the new 600 software. After I do so I connect the 600 and do another hotsync and all the 300 data will now be on my 600. Is this the way it works? I realize I have to download the PRC programs and install them on the 600 in order to get cell plan tracker, etc. I paid for cell plan tracker and it is on my desktop (the old computer). I guess I can connect the new 600 to my old desktop and install this cell plan tracker software, correct?
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    Hey John,


    We frequently hear from customers who have recently replaced an old handheld and need new registration codes. This happens because the advice from many handheld manufacturers is to give the handheld a new HotSync user name. What they are really trying to say is; don't choose an existing HotSync account for your new handheld. They are trying to avoid the restoring of system databases originally on the old handheld onto the new handheld.

    The intent is good, since the old system databases can cause compatibility problems on the new device. However, this breaks other applications since most 3rd party software registration codes are generated from the HotSync user name.

    Our recommendation when upgrading is the following. Prior to synchronizing your new device for the first time, do this:
    Run the Palm Desktop.
    Select the Users command from the Tools menu.
    Select your existing user name from the list (the one assigned to the older device), and click Rename. Rename the older device to something different. One trick is to change the spaces in your name. For example, "John Smith" to "JohnSmith".
    Synchronize the old device so that HotSync Manager will rename the device. This also renames the HotSync user directory for this device.
    Now you can synchronize your new device, and when prompted by HotSync Manager, give this device the original name (the name all of your applications are registered under).
    At this point you can start to install your 3rd party applications just as you would if you had given the handheld a new name.
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