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    I'm getting ready to place an order for 4 600s for a small business I run, and have the luxury of being able to choose between carriers - Sprint, Cingular, ATT, T-Mobile and others. I have accounts/phones with Cing & ATT but don't care about the upgrade costs or incentives and will switch for the best solution. I understand enough about GSM, CDMA et al. and 3G to be dangerous, and will not be a heavy international user. Our usage will center around convergence of email, phone, contact info, along with some viewing of attachments. Integration w/ Exchange will be important.

    Does anyone have a reasoned opinion on the topic of the best carrier for 600 functionality or know of a review on this topic? I know Sprint is CDMA 3G. Will the GSM networks of ATT and Cingular and others give Sprint a run for their money?

    Thanks in advance,
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    IMHO, if you are looking for speed of data transfer then Sprint is the way to go. If speed is not the most important issue, then a GSM carrier is probably the way to go.

    I have been a satisfied Treo 270 user and have found the GSM data speed to be sufficient for my needs. Plus, I have become accustomed to two-way SMS (yes, I know itis just around the corner with Sprint).

    Good luck and let us know which way you decide to go.
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    musicman, it sounds like you know as much as anybody else here, and can make your own reasoned choice.

    But I'll state the obvious - if international travel isn't important to you, and if Sprint provides good voice service in the areas you'll be using the phones, Sprint is probably the way to go. Sprint's data services, here, today (not in some imaginary future universe), are by far the best available. The voice services are six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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