We've all heard of how T-Mo's release date for the T-600 has been pushed back to late November. Be refusing their initial shipment of T-600 from Handspring, they have made it impossible for Handspring to recognize revenue on a load of treos. I could be wrong, but I'd assume Handpring recognizes revenue when they ship to a carrier for sales through the channel and recognizes immediately when sales happen directly.

That being the case, there's a load of us existing treo customers who are with GSM carriers. We all will not buy through our carriers because we get a better deal through Handspring anyway. I also believe we are not candidates for "churn". For that reason, I think T-Mo should start offering the upgrade to unlocked GSM immediately. I think Handspring would like to get the revenue NOW.

Problem is I heard something about Handspring not wanting to annoy the carriers. The way I see it. The carriers don't deserve the courtesy anymore. They're hurting Handspring's revenue stream and need to get out of the way.

Time to call the attorney general and the FCC!