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    If I have to turn in my Serial Number of my T300 to get the upgrade discount towards a T600 from Handspring, then can I still sell my old T300 at ebay? I mean, will the new dude have problems activating it w/Sprint? Thanks.
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    New buyer shouldn't have problem activating his/her service but the right thing for you to do is to disclose that the SN has been used for upgrades to T600
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    Yes, you can sell it, but you really will need to make TOTALLY CLEAR to potential buyers that they will not be able to use the upgrade program with that device. Don't just say something vague in passing, make it very explicit, maybe even put it in the subject line. And price accordingly if you do Buy It Now.
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    My T300 was giving me battery problems; I was thinking of getting a new replacement under warranty anyway...they won't upgrade to T600, just replace w/new T300.

    What if I give the S/N of my old T300 to Handspring, get a new virgin T300 & a new T600. Of course sell the new T300, unactived at ebay, & then just activate the T600?
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    That seems a bit questionable to me, as it would basically give two discounts for one Treo 300 purchase ... there is also the risk that Handspring would refurbish and resell your old 300 and the eventual buyer may expect the SN to work, and feel cheated. But that's up to you to decide. It would work as you plan.

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