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    Anyone with the 600 tested the vibrating ringer? Is it strong? Will it be strong enough to feel while in a case or on a beltclip? Any one with the 600 in hand, feel free to respond!
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    I would say it's about the same as the Treo 300. I keep my Treo 600 in my pocket and I can feel it vibrate ok.
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    seems weak to me or as my evil twin would say "PPC rulez, Treo 600 will fail because of weak vibration"
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    Originally posted by purpleY
    seems weak to me or as my evil twin would say "PPC rulez, Treo 600 will fail because of weak vibration"
    I suppose it's all in the hip of the beholder! I find the vibrator on the T300 too strong! In a quiet meeting room, everyone around me can hear it vibrate.
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    Bad vibrations--well, on the Treo 300 anyway. The heavy vibrating was responsible for my Treo 300's early demise. It was resting comfortably on the mantle, when someone called. The vibrations were so strong it fell off the mantle and crashed to the floor, knocking the flip cover right off (and snapping the speaker cable).

    The Treo 600's vibrations are...just...right...
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    I think it's a bit weak. There's no way I'm going to feel it vibrate when I'm in a car and accidentally leave it on vibrate.
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    Not good if you want to feel it ring in your pocket. OK in meetings to be real subtle. I wish it were more powerful. Any thoughts?
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    Originally posted by johnwerf
    Not good if you want to feel it ring in your pocket. OK in meetings to be real subtle. I wish it were more powerful. Any thoughts?
    you mean it is the same crappy vibrate mode that the T300 uses? Man...can't feel that thing either. Now Nokia...that thing is like a mini vibrator!!!!
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    Yeah, I don't get off on the T600 vibrate feature either ...oh shi
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    You think the vibrator in the Treo 300 was crappy? At least you could feel that in your pants. The vibrator in the Treo 600 is A-W-F-U-L. You CANNOT FEEL IT AT ALL if it is in your pants.

    Sheesh -- I can't believe I'm an early adopter of this product, with so many flaws it's ridiculous (call waiting oddities, three way calling problems, awful vibrator, too many others to list here).
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    The vibrator in the Treo 600 is too weak to feel. I've missed about a dozen calls because you CANNOT FEEL THE THING VIBRATE! Honestly, it's almost like they didn't even include a vibrate feature in the device.
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    I find the vibrate alarm very useful. It is quiet, which is the whole point of having your phone on vibrate, but I have always felt it when I needed it.
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    That is one of the few negatives of the t600 IMO. My old smartphone the Samsung i330 that vibrator was a champ my whole pocket shook.
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    In my opinion there is no question but that BOTH the ringer AND the vibration mode are too quiet. I have missed scores of calls to date because of this.

    (On the whole I am in love with this device, but there is no question but that the ringer and vibration modes could be louder).

    Hope that helps....
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    Weak vibrate is the #1 usability flaw for me.
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    I love the phone but the vibrate is really weak. I miss calls all the time because of it. I use to leave my phone on vibrate only and now I find myself leaving it on a ringer because of the weak vibrater.
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    There should be a voluntary recall with regard to this feature or lack there of.
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    I wonder if the ringer on your phone is defective, I can literally hear the ring across the house. I can hear it from any room in the house! As for the vibrate setting. On my T600 the vibrate setting is about the same as on my T300. However, the vibrate setting is far quieter than on the T300. I could hear as well feel the vibrator in the t300 and when Vibrate was set on my T300, even if the phone was on a soft surface like my bed, I could hear the vibrator buzz a room away.

    The same was true for two Nokia phones I had before the T300. This is the 1st time, I have found a phone, that actually vibrates instead of buzzing loundly and vibrating.

    Several times at the movies my ex girlfriend told me she heard the T300 in the vibrate mode. So I much prefer the vibrate mode on the T600. take care, Jay
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    Way better than my 300. People could HEAR the vibrations from my old was louder than the rings on it...

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    The 180/270/300 didn't vibrate as much as it buzzed.

    Nokia has got it nailed with the Profiles, and vibrate. Everything from extra loud "Outdoor" mode, to silent vibrate that you could feel but not hear.

    Other phones have the vibrate feature done correctly. There's really no valid excuse for Handspring not to improved this in the 600.
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