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    I'm one of the one's that ordered the t600 a month ago and just got it. I like the phone a lot, but the VIBRATE & RINGERS are WAY TOO LOW!! I use the VIBRATE mode most of the time and I cannot even feel the thing VIBRATE when it's in my pants pocket. Nor can I hear most of the ringers in my pants pocket. They should have two VIBRATE settings: 1) low 2) high. This device cost too much for screw ups like this.
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    After using my phone for a couple of days I too agree the vibration on the phone is horrible. I use the really annoying ringer that sounds like a loud old type of phone and it's loud enough for me to hear. The other ringers are not as loud. I guess you could add improving the vibrate function to list of the things wanted for the next Treo.
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