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    Does anyone have any info on how/if we can get a discount?
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    I have a similar, but a tad more general question: being a Treo 300 owner, can I order the 600 from Handspring with a 300-owner discount, WITHOUT being attached to a concrete carrier? Just an unlocked GSM Treo 600, usable with any GSM carrier I may choose?
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    I don't see any reason why Handspring won't give you the discount - you just might need to mail it to a friend state-side rather than having it shipped to the UK.

    However - whatever discount they are offering is unlikely to compare to the new activation price - people like Mobile Shop ( are offering the handset for 59.99 with a fairly average tarriff, and even free with a heavy user tariff. Unless you've got a really big problem switching to Orange (which, with number portability and cross-net calls shouldn't be a big issue) I'd advice to go down that route.
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    Last time round you could get a discount from Handspring, but only for the US 1900Mhz versions of the Treo 180 / 270.

    This means half the UK networks sim cards (Orange, T-mobile etc..) would not work.

    In the end I paid the full price for my Treo 270 (European 1800Mhz version), so I have now ebayed my serial number as I doubt we will get a discount from for the unlocked GSM version.

    On the plus side, we could order from as I think there won't really be much difference between the US and European GSM versions. In fact my 'European' Treo 270 has a dollar symbol instead of a British or Euro.

    Of course, what we save will be offset by shipping charges and time, so it may just be easier to wait for a European GSM model and pay full price, or to order the Orange GSM version.
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    I have 1 each Treo 180 and 1 each Treo 270, both was bought in the US and I been using both here in Norway and in the UK because the US version is 900/1900 MHz, not only 1900 MHz.
    Regards Steinar
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    Got a reply form today and they havent heard anything about a upgrade discount and didnt think there would be one either.

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