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    I have been using Business Connection on my 300 for a couple of years and am pleased with the service. I have seen some comments on this board that the product does not work on the 600 yet. Does anyone have an idea of the timing for the release of this "upgrade"? Thanks.
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    I hear from a friend it's *very soon*, like a matter of 2 weeks or less. But I haven't heard a definite date -- maybe they're trying to be careful not to promise a date and then worry about whether or not they can meet it?
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    Am I right in assuming you can still go to the bc webpage via blazer?
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    Good question, I just tried and 'yes', you can get to BC via the Blazer browser on the Treo 600. From there the menu provides access to Inbox, Mail Folders, Calendar, Personal Contacts, Corporate Contacts and my local drive (documents).

    (And of course those features continue to be available on a PC web browser...)
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    Cool. It isn't the best route, but it should hold people over until the OS5 version of Biz Con is released.
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    I'm in the same boat waiting on BC for the 600. I think someone in another post said next week. However, Visto has a product that's going to be released for the 600 on Monday. You can a trial version which should hold you over on the wait for BC. Also, it looks like it might be a better product.

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