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    Anybody know if the 600 will work with OS9?

    The system requirements indicate OSX only, but the OS5 Palm devices work with 9.

    I'll upgrade to OSX soon, but don't wan't to take the leap "just" for the T600.

    Thanks for the input.
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    I'm in a similar situation. Would rather stay with OS 9 for now until I replace my ageing iMac next year, but need to know if I can sync OK before buying the Treo 600 (or if I have to upgrade to OS X to do so)
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    I have a Powerbook G3 without USB. I can only use the IrDa, to connect my Palm 515 with it. Now I have the Treo 600 (GSM-Orange) connect with the same connection-settings. It works wonderfull. some Appplication from the old Palm OS do not work, but I deleted it after Sync from the Treo.

    I m happy! I have all my adresses and Docs, inc. Word to go, Palmreader, Acrobatreader... now on my Treo 600
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    The installer on the CD works with OS 9 and earlier and installs fine. Sprint and Handspring have presumably decided not to support os 9 synching if you get stuck. Synching via USB on 9 is pretty foolproof unless you synch really big files >2Mb when it becomes prone to timeouts. Its a known weakness that never got fixed.

    Posted from my 600.
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    Thanks so much Poryphyron. Now I can order one when Tmo joins the party.

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