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    has anyone ever had a treo 300 with a cracked screen that was sucessfully replaced under warranty (not insurance)?
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    I would just take it in to a Sprint service center. Right now they're pretty used to accepting defective Treos of one sort or another and will probably give you a new one, no questions asked.
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    I ran over my 300 w a golf cart. The screen was obliterated. Cracks everywhere ... all the colors and stuff looked cool ...

    Funny thing was it still worked! I could make and receive calls using the headset and keyboard ... just didn't have the use of caller I'd.

    Went to my 'local' Sprint store (45 min trip each way), showed it to them and they replaced no questions asked. Had a new one (with an RMA) the next day.

    Should be no problem for you ... just be pleasant, but firm. If that doesn't work, call Claire

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