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    Can you flash the rom on the T600 and upgrade to future versions of the Palm OS.? If we can't flash the rom is there anyway to upgrade to future versions of the Palm OS or are we stuck at the 5.21 level for the life of the product?

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    I asked They said download their utility JackFlashLite from their website and it will tell you if you can use the flash.
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    It is flash-upgradable out of the box.
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    Originally posted by scoopman
    It is flash-upgradable out of the box.
    Can you confirm that JackSplash supports the 600? Would be nice.

    New review of JSJSJS:
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    It sure is upgradeable. Audacity software emailed me back about the voice recorder software they offer and the lack of support on the T600 for such apps. Here is what they said:.


    Thanks for your interest.

    At the present time we are waiting for Handspring to fix a problem with their code. They have indicated that at some time in the future they will release new user upgradeable ROM code. Once they have done this we anticipate being able to have our application run on the Treo 600. We are expecting this to occur sometime in the next few weeks. We have added your e-mail address to our list of people who are interested in using our software with the Treo 600 and will notifiy you when it becomes available.

    Noitce the part about "sometime in the next few weeks", sounds upgradeable to me.
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    All phones of this kind are upgradeable. The semantics of Audacitys mail are a little confusing. They are probably referring to accessibility of parts of the flash ROM.

    In relation to future versions and being stuck, this is an old mindset in the Palm world. Palm(one) is 100% out of the upgrade business especially as PalmSource is being spun off later this year. There will always be a cost associated with this now if you go to a major new revision of the OS e.g. 5.5 (if it was created.) The effort to upgrade and requalify the OS on a phone product is enormous because the phone carriers don't want something unpredictable on their network - they require a full recertification of the product which means $$$. Also PalmOne will have moved on to other things by then. There would have to be a very good justification for doing this. You will not see a phone version of Palm OS 6 for at least a year anyhow by which time you will be craving your next Treo and selling your 600 on eBay.

    What is it you want that is promised in version 6? or that you cannot get thru add-on software?

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