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    OK. I'm ready to purchase Snappermail because it seems to be exactly what I need- POP3 email from my personal accounts. What I don't understand is why anyone would want to pay $49.99 a year for Visto's (or BC or whatever) MessageXpress Internet Email Access (not the Corporate Email Access). As far as I can tell, the only difference is that your email goes to a Visto server first. Then you can set up your device to pull email from their server. What is the purpose of this? What are the advantages? Why not just use Snappermail to pull it directly from you email server?

    I'm not talking about their Corporate edition here. That's a whole different ball of wax...
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    You are correct. There is no advantage, in my opinion. I prefer Snappermail. Although with the old TreoMail you were able to set up filters on the main website and that was nice. However it was a major drawback not being able to access more than one email account.

    Unless the new MessageExpress has some new and improved features (user configurable folders, multiple accounts, etc.) I can't really see any point.
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    Every time you receive an email, MessageXpress pushes the email to your device. They have a free 30 day trial. MessageXpress

    If you have TreoMail (which I do), they have an important message for you HERE

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    Thanks for the link Kirby.

    Everywhere on their site, it indicates that their regular internet Email Access is pull. Check mail every 15 minutes, etc. etc. But in the link you posted, it mentions you can optionally have your email added to your inbox without syncing every 15 minutes. This would be great!

    Are you a current user? Does it push email now? Or only with the new version coming out? I'd go for this product if it were truly push.

    Anyone else using this now?
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    I'm using TreoMail now, and love it, and am looking forward to the new version.
    Here's how I bet it works - when a new message arrives at their servers (redirected from your connected PC), it probably sends something like an SMS to your device (although from the screen shots it doesn't look like an SMS) - and that notice allows you to either trigger a pull, or it does it for you (again, based on the screen shots). Thus, it's kind of a triggered push, just like what Sprint's Business Connection is. Looks really cool.
    We'll find out on Monday!
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    I just realized your original post was about the non-redirector version of MessageXPress - so I think the link that Kirby posted and the post I had right above probably don't apply to that version of Visto...
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    Yeah, unfortunately, my main PC is a laptop and I often take it with me. So no chance to have something running to redirect to a Visto server. That's why I was looking at the non-business version. I guess we'll find out for sure on Monday. Can anyone post a review when they try it out?
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    Personally, I think they have not updated every single page on their site. It does say here:

    "Express notification of email (optionally have new email added to your inbox without the need for a manual sync or waiting until the next scheduled sync)."

    "New email is pushed to a user's device and is waiting for them on the device whenever they need it."


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