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    Originally posted by mykbol
    I can't seem to find the NetFront browser for PalmOS? I find it for the PocketPC...but not the Palm?

    any help would be great.

    Try this, courtesy of Cliesource:

    There are a lot of posts about NetFront on Cliesource if you search their forum. You may want take a minute to read some of them as some relate to problems installing and reinstalling NF.

    From a thread at Cliesource (abosco)

    "NetFront's website is but unfortunately, you'll only be able to download a PPC version of NetFront 3.0. NetFront 3.0, so far, can only be on a handheld if it is included with it in the package. It's not available for download. The only PDA's it comes with are the TG50, NX60, NX70v, NZ90, and the T|C's browser is based on NetFront 3.0"
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    I have NetFont from my last Palm TT so I was about to try it then remembered all the problems it had. Not a huge net user on the pda side but I was planning on it with my new Treo.
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    ok, so now we have xiino to wait for and avantgo to test, correct ?

    i've been to the avantgo site and read the blurb about subscription etc.

    does it means they dl web pages for you everytime you check and send them to you ?

    is it practicle for realtime web surfing ?
    do you use this on the TREO600 or a different palm OS5.x device ?

    how do you connect to the avantgo server/web for the data ?

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