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    Hi, does anyone know where I can purcahse a new shell or flip/lid for my Treo 270? My hinge for the flip broke and I'm using tape to keep it together. Any information would be helpful.
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    Crayton Electronics were selling them... not sure if they still have any left but you can check with them to find out where they got their stock.

    Otherwise, it's a Handspring fixit
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    nzmoko, thanks for the info. I contaced Handspring for the repair. I found out that it is a common problem for the flip/lip to break at the hinge, more specifically the right hinge. The customer service rep indicated it's a design flaw. o, the are going to warrenty the repair. WhooHoo. The only downer is that I have to pay $25 for a loaner phone, unless I want to be without a phone for a week or two.
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    You had to send it back before they would send one out???

    If it is a T-Mobile they will send you a new one and you return the old one in the box they send....
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    No, Handspring sent me a loaner phone first. I then used the same box to send back my broken phone.

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