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    Has anyone else had a problem with the charger cable not staying conected to the Treo600. I have to play with the connection to get it to make contact and start charging, and then it doesn't want to stay conected most of the time.
    This isn't normal is it?
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    Mine is on back order so when it gets here I will let you know.
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    I'm on my third Treo 270. The flip broke on the first one, and the second one had the problem you describe.

    I have 2 car chargers and 2 cradles. The car chargers would not stay connected to the 270 and the 270 had to be placed just right in either cradle to charge.

    I send the unit back and the 3rd one works fine.
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    My charger cable is the same way. It just slips out most of the time unless I make sure there is no pulling on the cable whatsoever. When I picked up my phone at the store, I had the tech check a couple of other ones. They were all like that.
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    I just received my extra travel charger. Same thing. It's absolutely not the chargers since I've tried a couple. Which leads me to believe that the connector on the bottom of the Treo's is the offending part here. Of course, the charger fits beautifully in the sync cable.

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