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    Well time to convince me to get the Treo.

    Mainly interested in IMAP e-mail but also some voice calls, web pages, and calendar features. Between the two, why should I get the Treo?
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    For starters, Palm PIM functionality (calendar, address book etc.) is generally considered better than with BB. There's debate about how good the voice capabilities are of the BB phones (jury is still out). And I've never heard anyone say they thought much of the browse capabilities on the BB. Also, when you use the Treo 600 you have a lot of choices of applications, such as for email -- you could choose from Sprint Business Connection, Snappermail, etc. -- whereas with Blackberry you get what they give you -- their email app at ~$30+/month, for example. If you care about choice, flexibility and ongoing costs, the Treo 600 appears to be a mile ahead of BB.

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