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    Whenever I go to send someone a pick and I select the phone # via the lookup function for the person the phones resets. After this started happening if I go and try and configure an SMS message and hit lookup the phone instantly resets before I even get to select a name. Before I could select a person in SMS and try and send a message but would get the error the service isn't ready yet. The only app installed so far is the Ptunes and I have my Outlook Calendar and COntacts sync'd using Chapurs...any ideas?
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    your problem may differ, but I had a similar reset issue. I deleted all I could off of the 600 that migrated from my 300, deleted everything in the backup folder, sync'd, then hard reset and then reinstalled. Tested w/o adding anything, that was stable.
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    So I did a hard reset.....kinda weird on the 600.

    I reset the device and then re-syncd it with Chapura to try and get the contacts working properly. But for some damn reason even though the conduit was set for synchronization it did some sort of backup from a databse, which reset 3 numbers into the PDA and then over wrote all the contacts in Outlook. Didn't synchronize the two as the manual said it would and I have no idea what in the hell this secret database it backed up from was.

    - After the reset pocket tunes is still on the 600, my understanding was that all third party apps were supposed to be blown away after the hard reset....not sure why this is still around.

    - The finally when I go into my speed dial menu there is still a phone number in there from before the reset that works but that number isn't one of the 3 numbers which got brought back in the re-sync.

    Needless to say this is a little frustrating

    But the pseudo reset seems to have worked, I can now send pics again....I just lost my damn contacts in a weird sync and now have gotten a couple weird soft resets. If these persist I guess I'll try and get a new 600.................
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    What is this backup folder????
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    The back up folder is where all or most of your software that is on your treo gets copied to when you perform a hotsync.
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    Look for your backup folder in;

    c:\Program Files\Handspring\<username>

    Or what ever directory you installed your desktop to.
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    Damnit, I had no idea.....didn't see any options for it in the Chapura settings....I'll need to dig a little bit as I have a feeling my sync wipe was caused by some DB in there...go to do some testing to find out how to recover from a reset and not over write my Outlook Contacts..

    Slowly..................but surely....................give me patience!!!!!!!!!!

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