Holocron wrote:
Again, based on what I've seen of example pics from the T600 they all look a lot like what I get out of my eyemodule2 with my Prism.

No, the Treo 600's camera is definitely worse. I used to use the EM2/Prism combo all the time, and it had a much higher tolerance for low-light situations. I did expect the 600 to be the same, but found out within minutes that avoiding blue noise is extremely difficult. You have to avoid backlit settings more than you did with the EM2. In this regard the 600 is more like the EM1, abeit with VGA resolution. It's the lower color depth, not the resolution, that is the 600's Achille's heel.

You can tease decent snapshots out of the 600, but it's much harder to do than with the eyemodule.