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    If you are an existing Treo 300 customer with unlimited vision service, is picture mail included in the vision service when you upgrade to the treo 600? Or do you have to change your service to add picture mail? Anyone know about this yet?
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    I guess you mean mailing photos to other e-mail addresses? That is part of the Vision service. It's 1 cent per kilobyte if you don't have a plan, although I think most Treo owners use the $15/month flat rate for unlimited Vision.
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    I wasn't sure because it is listed as a separate service if you purchase a new line of service. You can choose between picture mail, business connection, or gaming plus vision for $15/month. I wasn't sure how the existing lines of service would treat picture mail. I know that attaching a picture to an e-mail using a normal e-mail program would be charged as part of normal vision, but sprint offers a separate program called picture mail that sends the pictures directly from the phone (without first having to go to an e-mail program and attach the photo).
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    nice picture mail is free, i was scared for a minute when i accidentally connected, i thought i was viewing my pics for the first time instead i made an account or picture mail.
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