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    Does anyone know which software I can use to synch my new T600 (when it arrives) and Act 2000?
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    This topic has been discussed many times. Click on search and look for ACT or ACT!

    Here is a link which lists useful conduits for Palm devices on Handspring support including two for ACT: Conduit list

    I suspect that ACT also comes with some free Palm conduits. Check your documentation or the ACT! website.
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    You can look at for a synching product for ACT!. Also there is a free download on the site called Palm Link 2.0

    The real answer though is to upgrade to ACT! 6.0, and then purchase ACT! for Palm. This places a Palm version of ACT! on your device. Works great - but I have not had a chance to try it yet with my T600 which should arrive in the next day or two.
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    I am an ACTuser.

    I have upgraded to ACT 6 and ACT for Palm. They include the ACT for Palm with the upgrade. It will cost about $150.00 to upgrade.

    Since they are not providing support or upgrades for ACT seemed about time.

    ACT 6 is more complex and can be slower on an older machine.

    ACT for Palm works will not replace your Phone directory and I have NOT been able to get the program and the telephony to work, although they provide an update and a hotfix saying that it will. That would be great. It also does not use the 5way well. The great advantage is ALL your ACT information is on your Treo.

    Remember to turn off your ACT Link so that you are not double syncing your database!

    So I use one sync to do the Palm desktop and the other to sync the ACT.
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    Just called ACT to see why the TREO 600 telephony features are not supported.

    If enough people get online and use their "request for additional features" email section that would get them on the ball for a hotfix.

    Come on ACTpalm! users....let get them going.
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    Thanks for your help (and for the xtra helping of "...tude" from Polyphoron). I have been synching with my Palm V for years with relatively few problems. I just didn't know if it would work well with the T600.

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