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    O.K. ... so here's a question from someone about to jump into the Treo 600 fray:

    I currently own and use an original Handspring Visor Deluxe bought in the first week after they hit the market back several years ago.

    My current cell phone is a Nokia 3360 with service from AT&T Wireless (contract has ended).

    Like many others, I absolutely must have the Treo 600. Trouble is, I can't decide if I should go with the CDMA versioon and Sprint OR wait for GSM from one of the others.

    Can anyone shed some light to help me make my decision? BTW ... no international travel for me. I reside in Florida and most of my travel is up and down the east coast.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you don't travel internationally and you mostly stay in larger cities, I would recommend Sprint. See the other similar thread posted about 45 minutes ago for more detail ... basically, Sprint has the best data services by far. Voice service is basically equal.
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    It's foolish to pick a carrier based solely on what other people say is "better." The key thing is who has coverage where you need it. If they both have equal coverage where you need it (and I mean really equal, not just equal on the coverage maps), then great -- pick the one other people recommend. But I've had a lot of cell phones with a lot of carriers, and I've never found a situation in which coverage was truly equal between two carriers for all the places I need to use a phone. They all suck in some places, they all have great coverage in some areas and they all have their own unique problems and advantages.

    With my current situation, T-Mobile is the only carrier that has reliable coverage in most of the places I need it (Sprint doesn't even work in my apartment in downtown Seattle). So T-Mobile it is for me (which makes me happy because I like them better for other reasons anyway). But despite the fact that I have and really like T-Mobile right now, if my situation changes and it turns out that Sprint has the coverage I need, then I'll switch to Sprint.

    Many factors are important, but if the coverage isn't there, nothing else really matters.
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    I've been a long-time T-Mobile user (off contract), but I have signed up for Sprint and have a Treo 600. I plan to cancel my T-Mobile service if I decide to keep the Sprint service.

    In San Francisco, it seems that the coverage has been about equal to what I get with my T-Mobile phone. The voice quality on the Treo is not nearly as good as on my Sony Ericsson T610, but that may be a handset issue and not a GSM v. CDMA issue.

    As for the data issue, this is where I am most concerned. While the CDMA version appears to be faster on paper, I am not sure how it plays out in the "real world." If what I understand is correct and data is only being transferred while the arrows are green, then the biggest limitation is the Treo's ability to render the data that it has downloaded. Considering that a CDMA phone cannot accept calls when it is transferring data and my intention to install Good Technology's data intensive software, I am concerned that this will be too much of a problem for me.

    I am just hoping that I get to try the GSM Treo 600 before my 14 days are up with Sprint.

    Those are my 2 cents.
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    According to reviews, Sprint's data service is "noticeably faster" than the GSM equivalent, as the specs would indicate. I am citing the USA Today review of a couple of days ago. Someone on this board also posted his specs from a speed test, and it was about twice as fast as a 56K modem.

    As for voice calls during data, the data connection goes "idle" after a brief time of inactivity (15 or 20 seconds?), and when "idle", you can send and receive voice calls. There is a visual cue that lets you know whether the data service is idle or active (green bars above the signal meter when active, gray bars when idle).
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    the person ealier is right- it all depends on where you need service at as to who's got better coverage. And as poster earlier, Sprint does in fact have faster data connections. Eventually, the GSM/GPRS carriers in the US will roll out EDGE technology which will provide faster data and around that time I'm sure the two big CDMA carriers will have rolled out the next step in CDMA technology. And I'm patiently waiting for Cingular to carry the T600

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