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    Two questions for others out there with a new 600...

    1. Is there a way to turn off the screen during a call in order to conserve battery?

    2. Also, is anyone's Treo 600 turning on randomly? By that I mean the screen is coming on, even though you aren't touching anything? It is very similar to an issue I had with BC and my old I330, but since BC isn't active, I figured that can't be it.

    BTW--This device is awesome. I've carried the I330 in my pocket for 6 mos now and this thing feels so much smaller. Its great, still getting used to the keypad vs. the graffiti, but I hope in time I figure it out.

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    my 300 does that now, all the time and I was hoping/expecting to say goodbye to that with the 600. Surely it's not going to keep happening!? That will make me insane. (and there's no rhyme or reason with my 300 - noconsistency at all - as to why it happens). I guess I'll find out in a cpl of days if I'm to be vexed with the 600 as well....
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    I'm not a Treo 600 owner just yet (Waiting for GSM), but my 270 used to do that and it turned out that I had pending SMS messages in my SMS outbox. Once I deleted those, it was all good!
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    I have a program called autosync on my 270. It checks to see if the phone is connected to the cradle every x minutes. It lights up and then turns off. If you have software that polls the connection it could cause this randomness.
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    I found that my Treo 300 would turn on when going in and out of coverage. For example, one conference room in my office has sporadic coverage and the phone would constantly be flipping on and off. I imagine that's the issue you're having.
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    I know you guys mean welll...

    But mine also will go on and off for NO reason.. the 300 that is...

    So does other people I know.. nothing to do with Apps or going in and out of signal.
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    I found the problem its all better now. I had a legacy version of Business Connect that had hotsynced over. Once I deleted it, it stays off now.

    Any leads on how to turn screen off during a call though?
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    I don't have BC on my 300, but it does randomly vibrate 3-4 times a day, for no apparent reason. It's not a full cycle of vibration, it's almost like a call is coming in and then nothing, the vibration is over almost instantaneously. It could be SMS, Verichat notification, or something else, but I receive all of those just fine. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    I'm getting the same problem with my T600. At first I thought it was versamail checking my e-mail, but I turned it off. My screen still lights up for a good 30 secs every 30 minutes or so. And it also gives a faint beeeep without turning the screen on.

    I've gone through all my programs, don't know what it could be. The only other program that I have on there that I think could be causing the problem is versichat, but its not logged on either

    Anyone have any ideas on what it could be?

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