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    I have a Cingular 270 and I pay $6.95 a month for the GPRS wireless internet package (which I think limits me to 1meg/month)

    Now that the Treo 600 is out, I was wondering if I should switch to Sprint. I know that Sprint uses the cooler looking dark charcoal colored phone, but it's also not GPRS.

    Can anyone out there explain the pros and cons of using the Sprint phone vs. the Cingular phone? I know one pro is that the Sprint is available NOW (but a con might be that they don't accept trade in's for 270's). Also if Sprint offers unlimited internet and it's as fast as Cingulars, that would be a big plus.

    Any info appreciated!


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    Okay, this opens a can of worms. Everyone has their favorite and least favorite carrier, so expect some my-dad-can-beat-your-dad stuff.

    1 - Trade-in for your 270 - that is through Handspring, not Sprint. So it will work just the same. You can buy the phone for $399 from Then again, since you would be starting a new contract, you might be able to do as well by buying it from Sprint. You cannot get the Handspring rebate if you buy the phone from any source other than Handspring itself.

    2 - Data services - Sprint has the fastest and most comprehensive data network. $15/month for unlimited. It works anywhere you have a Sprint digital signal and is noticeably faster than GSM versions.

    Sprint uses CDMA, which is considered superior to GSM in terms of voice quality (although it's debatable whether you can tell a difference on a handset speaker). However, GSM is more widely used in other countries, so if you travel much overseas, the GSM model may be able to be used there more readily than the CDMA version.

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