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    I learned that Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition is not available for the 600 (yet). Does anyone have an opinion on using Visto vs. Business Connection? I'm looking to have my pc sitting in my corporate office forwarding my email to me (push). Thanks

    Wondering if it's worth paying the 99$ for Visto vs. Waiting for Business Connection. Also, are there other products I should be considering?
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    I don't know about Visto so can't comment on it, but I have been using BCPE for the past few months and found it very solid. I also have heard from friends who know about the upcoming BCPE release for the Treo 600 that it *smokes* -- is awesome.

    Also, do you know if the Visto solution gives you access from a PC web browser when you're remote? I find that very handy about BCPE when I'm traveling....
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    can you ask your friends when the new BC will be available? Thanks.
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    the new Visto looks good as well. Since we don't know what the the new BC app will be, it is a difficult comparison. But - I used both the current versions of the apps - both BC and TreoMail, and TM was FAR superior, in my opinion. So - the new BC will indeed have to be 'smokin' to overtake what's planned for Visto. I wonder how long on the new BC - ? The new Visto is out on Monday. Things are sure heating up, which is great for us.
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    I'm looking forward to getting one of them. Want to put my Blackberry and the 47/month charge away for good. Also, I tried that Symmetry Pro product and had all sorts of troulbe with it. I guess it doesn't like laptops attached to VPN going to corporate email.
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    From those who have used Visto as well as the current Sprint Biz connect, personally, I'm a pop user. Do either one push multiple pop accounts to the phone? Also, on my consulting side, I will probably be reccomending the Treo to some of my clients that use an Exchange environment. I assume the unit simply takes the place of a BBerry completely? Thanks.
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    I have heard that BC will have support for multiple POP accounts. So you could access your corporate mail + multiple POP accounts from the BC client. (or just POP if that's all you care about)

    As for the question that 'grim02' asked about timing of BC for the Treo 600, I only hear it's "very soon", like maybe the next 2 weeks. My friend there won't be specific though, I'm not sure if it's b/c he doesn't know the date or b/c he is smart enough not to go on record!

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