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    Okay- so has anyone tried this solution? I know we have discussed this as a temporary fix until Sprint gets its' act together on SMS...

    Let us know!

    Lee Ladisky
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    The Treo 600 has a new SMS application and I'm told that Treo300 SMS does not work on the device.

    Rumors are that they have a version that does work but they are not releasing it pending Sprint's upgrade of their SMS service to be true two-way.

    Once that happens in November, supposedly the CDMA Sprint T600s will be able to send and receive SMS just like GSM phones do.
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    in the Comm Software forum, where PDAApps posted the update on Verichat that works with the 600, I asked them to PLEASE think about going ahead and releasing a Treo600SMS. Surely their app will be better than whatever weak-a** plans Sprint will have for SMS. I really hope they give it another thought.
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    If the CDMA SMS app is anything like the GSM one included on the device, it is quite good, allowing for threaded chat conversations that are more like IM than SMS... Not sure if a Treo600SMS app could better the one that is built-in -- except for enabling the outbound SMS that Sprint doesn't yet have.
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    but you have to remember, the CDMA version of whatever SMS app will be largely determined by whatever crazy design requirements that Sprint will dictate. If SHort Mail was any indication, their SMS app won't be anywhere as functional as the GSM version. Again - that's because Sprint will design it (for the most part), not Handspring. I hope I'm wrong, but....

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