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    If someone can (by actual experience) let me know out of the following programs what will work and what won't (or won't work properly or need a new version) with the Treo 600 when I get it, that would be very appreciated.

    Thanks so much



    AOL Mobile
    Sprint PCS Biz Connection
    Handmark Casino
    Electron Hut Vegas Blackjack
    CalorieKing Handheld
    Documents to Go
    KeySuite from Chapura
    SplashSuite (especially the new jpg using Splashphoto.. or is that app uneeded now?)
    Pocket Express Chess
    Filez (Is this needed with Palm OS 5 or is there an included file manager)
    Klondike from Electron Hut
    Magic Dogs games from Handmark
    Handmark Monopoly
    PDA Apps Treo300SMS (I guess not needed)
    TC Ringer (I guess obsolete also?)
    TreoButton (Also probably not needed)
    Electronhut Vegas Slots
    ElectronHit Video Poker

    Thanks very much to anyone who can shed light on any of these programs!

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    Klondike comes with it and they give you a DTG Viewer, deleted them and purchased the new premium version. SplashID is also provided but I had it already.

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