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    I just called the local sprint store and they have one Treo 600 in stock that arrived yesterday. I asked the guy if I come there and buy it and sign up for 2 year service contract, would I get the $150 service credit ? He replied that the offer is only for business plans and that someone else inquired about it and he checked the Handspring's website and it says business customers only.
    I told him that the manufacturer's website doesn't mention business plan . He said he checked and it did mention that the $150 service credit offer is only for business plans.
    I told him that I will call him back. Then I called the sprint number at 1.877.789.3969 (mentioned on Handspring's website to ask about the offer. The Sprint guy at 1.877.789.3969 told me that $150 service credit is not available if you buy from a Sprint store even if you sign up for a 2 year contract.

    Has any one of you bought the Treo 600 from a LOCAL Sprint Store and received the service credit ($150 or $100 depending upon 2 yr or 1yr contract) upon activation ??
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    I have yet to buy the phone, but I have been in contact with a rep and he says I can get the 150 off for 2 years. I will let you know more when I actually purchase the 600. Hope this helps!
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    I think the rebates for existing customers kick in on 10/15.
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    That is untrue. I purchased a phone yesterday and got a $150 rebate for signing a 2 year agreement.
    The only requirement is that you are a new Sprint customer.
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    Originally posted by massaloch
    I think the rebates for existing customers kick in on 10/15.
    it's's also for existing customers that's had their phone for girl up at radio shack just told me this..
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    on the 15th it will be "officialy" in stores. it will be an instant discount. and evvryone @ sprint will know about it. no having to haggle & speak to 52 different reps to get some random discount.
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    I talked to few more Sprint reps. They told me that by signing for a new number as a new customer with 1 or 2 year contract, the cost will still be 599 Plus Tax. Only if you buy from other vendors that you can avail of the service credit that the vendors are promising. But I was told that since I have had sprint service for over 2 years, I will get an upgrade discount of $35 for getting a new phone with new contract (I have Kyocera 6035 currently). So basically, after paying sales tax and getting $35 discount for upgrading my plan, I will still be paying $600-605 including tax. I was told that if I upgrade and activate in Sprint store, there will be no activation fee (charged when you activate over phone).
    So my best bet is to buy from Handspring or TreoCentral if I wanna get the $150 service credit cause Sprint won't give it if you buy from Sprint in the Local Sprint store (shop).

    Also, Do you know if any seller is offering extended 2 year warranty on Treo 600 like Bestbuy/CompUsa normally offer ?

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