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    I was perusing the HS site looking at the handsfree car kit, looks like it will not work with Sprint is says......THat's odd..
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    I found this as well. Stupid if you ask me. The device is ready for Sprint before TMo or AT&T but the auto adaptor is just the opposite. Sprint SMS is not ready and frankly I do not think it will be ready in November either. This was the same BS we heard when the 300 was released.

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    Yeah, says spring 04 for the Sprint car kit? wtf? How hard is it to adapt for cdma when it's just a car kit???
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    how is it that the sms is not ready yet? I am using Snapper Mail which works great but the SMS does also look interesting.
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    i am guessing / hoping that unavailability of the sprint version is something to with fcc approval. I have yet to compare gsm vs cdma treo 600 but if they are same size and pin outs are same why would it not work?
    or maybe sprint are planning to offer something unique
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    Originally posted by mo-bile
    Yeah, says spring 04 for the Sprint car kit? wtf? How hard is it to adapt for cdma when it's just a car kit???

    Seriously WTFF??? When they say spring 04 I dont think that even means for the Sprint Car kit, I think that means for the GSM kits. I don't think they have plans for a Sprint car kit. The text reads:

    "The installation car kit is compatible with Treo 600 for T-mobile, Cingular, AT&T, and other GSM/GPRS networks worldwide. It is not currently compatible with Treo 600 for Sprint PCS. (Expected availability April 2004.)"

    All I can say is WTFF????

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    For some reason Sprint has never been big on car kits, other than the cheasy speaker on the cigarette lighter ones. But this seems like a huge load of BS. I can not think of any reason why the GSM car kit would be different from the CDMA since the frequency ranges used would be the same (GSM has both 800 and 1900 MHz), the pinouts on the bottom of the phone should be the same, and the kit should be relying on the transmiter in the phone itself.

    Maybe when they do come our for GSM then a CDMA user can try it out to see if it works.
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    Who cares if Sprint doesn't offer them someone must, why doesn't HS fill this for us. Is it because the SPCS Stores can't install so what I can get it done else where. Day one and I am seriously wondering why I am switching to SPCS if they can't support something this simple.

    Oh and if I change my minutes (plan) that means a new contract, unless I have a long ways to go? WTF?

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