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    Can somebody with a line in to Handspring get a gross estimate on when the "Gray Davis" GSM units will be replaced with the "Aahnold"

    Some recalls are more painful than others
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    We received a notice that the GSM version was pushed back 5 days until 10/15 if that helps you any.

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    What's this 'recall' business and Treo 600? A delay is not a recall. If the units had gone to stores and then been sent back the word recall might make sense but the launch is simply slipping a few days. Semantically yours.
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    I don't know what thread it was anymore, but someone said that T-Mo had units but they were being "recalled" due to some software issue (something was omitted I think). Seems to me that if the T600 supports software download that the omission could be fixed by simply publishing a URL and let those with data services do it wireless and those without could simply sync.

    All this is anecdotal. I was hoping someone had real data.
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    Originally posted by echaban
    All this is anecdotal.
    No, it is gossip and rumor.

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