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    According to the earnings call in progress, Handspring shipped 19,000 TREO 600s (US and Europe).
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    Thanks for the update, any word on the early sell thru? I can't get the online stream to work, do you have the call in number? Thanks! - Justin
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    No word on sell-through and Handspring wouldn't say what they meant by "healthy backlog" of orders.

    Unfortunately from my POV, no one asked about the supposed GSM TREO 600 delay - the CC is already over less than 30 minutes after it started so I guess the interest simply isn't there.

    Maybe when PLMO reports...

    (BTW - if Sprint really did get about 3000 of those TREOs, then Orange et al in Europe and Tmobile here got the rest, pretty much)
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    This is only conjecture, but when the original report was posted from one of the Mission Possible threads about someone overhearing a HS rep talking to a Sprint rep about a shipment of 2400 units, some thought that was all that HS had shipped to Sprint as a whole.

    My recollection (and I'm not going back to the original posts, so take this with a grain of salt) was that other people at other Mission Possible events heard similar conversations between HS and Sprint reps, but that the Sprint reps were local or regional reps, not nationwide. And different numbers of units were mentioned. I remember at least one other mention of such an overheard conversation.

    So rather than HS shipping only 2400 total units to Sprint, an alternative explanation was that those 2400 units were *one* of many shipments to various Sprint locations. In which case the total # of units shipped to Sprint could well exceed 2400.

    Just a thought - again, nothing to back this up. But something to consider. I didn't speak up about it earlier because, well, what do I know? But in light of the 19,000 units shipped number, this explanation may make more sense.

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    I don't know, 19K seems to be awfully big number. I wonder how long the "second" 19K will be in the hand of customers, insteadoof just 'shipped'.
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    Wait a minute. Wait a minute! Weren't some of the people in this very thread saying last week that there was NO WAY the 600's would be out by this week? Now it's "where are the ORANGE 600's?" Sheesh.
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    Also of note on the call was mention that they had sell through of 34K smartphones last quarter, down from 37K the prior quarter.

    If they're doing 34K a quarter on a not so well recieved product (the Treo 300/270/180), then it's not too hard to imagine that they sell through the initial 19K of a much better product with better carrier support fairly quickly.

    Pure speculation, but I wouldn't be suprised to see sell through of the 600 in excess of 19K/month. We'll see in 3 months I guess.
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    If the numbers are true...this seems to be a pretty huge deal.
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    I have no doubt "the numbers" are true however, as with all numbers out of Handspring, one has to figure out what they mean.

    19,000 shipped does NOT mean "sold to end customers"; Handspring calls that "sell through" and they did not mention any number w.r.t. that with the TREO 600.

    W.r.t. the "2400 shipped to Sprint" rumor we, of course, don't even have any proof that it was SAID - some guy on a message board posting something doesn't mean anything in reality actually happened.


    We also have OTHER posters mentioning Sprint reps mentioning (...) the numbers of TREO 600s "in the warehouse" and that was "2000" and "1900", respectively (and consecutively in time, BTW, thus reinforcing each other due to actual sales OUT of the warehouse!).

    Thus we have at least three very ambiguous but discretely-sourced datapoints all pretty much stating the same thing.

    In the world I live in where quantities of sold items actually means something (NOT the TreoCentral world (*)) that's good enough evidence to fly by.



    (*) On TreoCentral the only things that should really count are the coolness of the device(s), bugs, bug fixes, desired enhancements, and MAYBE future products of the company.

    There MIGHT be some concern about extent of third-party development by some of the more "advanced" readers - thus the "500 downloads" thread.
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    Just to make sure there isn't any confusion about this: Orange France and Switzerland are both selling the 600 as of yesterday. In Paris, about half of the Orange shops appear to have received small stock. I had to visit three different shops before I found one that wasn't already sold out.

    Interesting anecdote: each shop has a dedicated and trained shop assistant for the Treo 600. The one I talked to was clueless about talk plans etc, he could only talk about the Treo itself. While I was waiting in the shop, he was demonstrating it to some other people that were also waiting. The guy before me decided on the spot to buy the 600 instead of the Siemens SL55 that he was going to buy. Turned out he bought the last Treo in stock and I had to go to another shop.
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    i think the did mention the # of treo 600s specifically
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    19,000 units, especially worldwide, is an unbelievable low number, and if that is the case expect the one you have on order to get to you sometime around Christmas... 2006.
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