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    According to the earnings call in progress right now, 500 people/developers have downloaded the full TREO 600 SDK.
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    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    (my thought exactly - that's why it is of importance)
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    Surely a mistake? 5000 sounds more likely.

    They gave away a full SDK to each participant at the Treo 600 developers seminar in London.

    Then again, if only 500 maybe its because developers are still waiting to get hold of one before deciding to develop applications solely for it.

    Being a Palm OS 5.x device there will be thousands of developers who will only download the SDK once it's confirmed that their application does not work.

    According to Handspring, so long as they have not included any 'cheats' or device-specific or hi-res hard-coding all applications written for OS 5.x should work without modification.
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    Nope, no mistake - 500 sdk downloads, 1000 developer guides downloads, 2000 developers registered.

    The earnings conference call is:


    Just a few minutes in all the interesting stuff is mentioned - only half an hour total length.
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    I think I tuned out during the SDK discussion, remember hearing it, because i was watching a movie It was a pretty weak CC, very quick and not much interest. Guess the interest is now in PalmOne.
    I was disappointed w/ the number of treo 600s shipped, but understandable w/ possible delays (1 mo) or so in T Mo and only a few weeks of shipping . . . so i guess 19k not that bad.

    I'm still holding HAND . . . but will continue to assess periodically.

    O.K. major gripe seldom . . . a backlog? grrrr . . . hello those a people wanting to buy the product and your going to make them wait? of course the backlog may be few. Either they way underestimated demand or launched a little early or both!
    The launch - great on sprint - right on time from what i was told 6 mo ago . . . late sept, but more likely early oct. Compared to others they have done excellent in getting the product out when they said they would. Of course, they could not afford to have delays!

    Guess they're not going to use that loan from Palm.

    Oh yeah . . . good news for us @ least they WILL advertise in business papers and mags . . . something like $1.8 mil reserved for advert . . . that caught my attention. . .

    anyways just some random thoughts . . .really random.

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