today i got my first hands on with the treo 600. it is sweet. it has a speakerphone, voice dialing, secure digital i/o, etc...

one thing about the keyboard is that the keys are close together and the buttons are smaller(not much) than the sidekick's. but it was fine for me. if you have big hands or elvira nails than you might be in trouble.

people were complaining about the screen size (160x160) the screen size is fine, it was rich in color and i didn't have to squint to see thing.

the 5 way navigation is unbelievable, you can get around and type with one hand if you wanted too.

my favorite part about the treo is that it fits in your hand. it's small enough to wear on a belt holster, put in a pocket or purse. and you can hold it to your ear like a traditional phone. not that the sidekick can't, but try checking your voicemail with the sidekick.

the rep said that they would be getting ones to sell next week and that they're weren't any special's. he said it's a flat $599. now i've seen 'specials' on treocentral, handspring, so i don't know how accurate is info was. he also stated that the vision plans were $15.99 for unlimited email, sms, and web (supposedly the same as any vision phone).

i have made my decision on the treo, but i haven't decided which carrier to roll with. i'll be waiting for t-mobile to get them before i decide.