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    I've been waiting for the Treo 600 before upgrading to a Vision phone/package. Has the price just been increased from $10 per month to $15 per month? What do others pay for their Treo's Vision access?
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    It is now $15... Some of us pay $10 because we were grandfathered before the price increase.
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    They bundled more services into the vision packs to charge you more. I personally pay $10 for unlimited vision and $5 for the bus connection service, which is the same as paying $15 for the combo pack offered now. But I don't think you can get vision data service standalone for $10 anymore.
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    So if we already pay 10 a month and upgrade to the treo600...we should still be grandfathered in at the price...correct?
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    Dang it. I suppose I waited too long -- though perhaps I can weasel a deal since I've been a sprint pcs customer for many years.

    Along these same lines, should Treo 600 users be getting the Picture Pack or the Professional Pack? I want to be able to use BOTH BC-type email and send pictures.
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    just so you know the plans over 100 a month have no additional charge for data according to the handspring website. Its 100 a month for unlimited data and 2000 anytime mins with unlimited nights and weekend.

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