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    I have read in a couple of different threads that people are having trouble viewing webpages and receiving phone calls (with sprint). Is it that widespread of a problem, or is it something that can be overcome?
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    Its an inherant problem with Sprint's network as I understand it. I dont think it is possible to receive a call while browsing. When the traffic arrows (or whatever your particular phone/treo uses to display activity) are lit you cant receive a call. When they are greyed out, you can. I think *every* Sprint phone has this problem.

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong...
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    My understanding (from the booklet) was that you can be signed on to the SprintPCS service and still get calls, but if the browser is actively getting/receiving data, any calls will get kicked to voicemail.
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    bujin, i say a respone to this earlier in another post. it seems as if the cdma version cannot recv. phone calls while actively sending/receiving data. calls are bounced to voicemail.

    this issu has been covered in the treo 300 section. search in there.
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