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    Just visited a Denver, CO sprint store. No 600's in stock though they expect them "next week." I mentioned I might go ahead and pay the full $600 (even though I'm a several year business customer) by calling the order in. The (somewhat) helpful salesperson told me to "wait until the 15th to purchase a new handset because Sprint is about to introduce a much better replacement program and that I'll save a bunch of money if I wait another week." Anyone have a clue if there's any truth to this?
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    i posted info on this a few days ago but I'm sure it got lost in the many, many new threads. Yes this is true. And believe the discount will be the same as if you were a new customer. They are instant discounsin store if you sign extended contract. 1 year/ $75-$100 off Treo, 2 year/ $150 off Treo. If you order over the phone now, you can haggle the same discounts.

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