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    It appears that Sprint released the T600 without completing their Business Connections software revision! I'm being told that I can not access my e-mail (at least half the reason for having a Treo) from Microsoft Outlook yet.

    I could with my Treo 300, no problem.

    The upgrade is expected sometime soon...
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    A bit of a disappointment, wasn't it?

    In the meantime, you can use Blazer to visit

    It is a web interface to your Outlook mail, but it does work.
    Bill Petro
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    Do you mean your corp Outlook via web or Outlook on your desktop?
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    Yes. If you subscribe to (pay for) Business Connection with Sprint PCS, you can access your work email via a web interface.

    Of course, you must either have Outlook up with the Business Connection software running on your home PC, or have an enterprise gateway running on your corporate Exchange server.
    Bill Petro
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    I've decided to try out Good Link technology's solution in the interim. Although it's more expensive, I may end up keeping it and bringing my firm along with me.

    Sprint will probably lose another group of customers due to lack of attention.

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