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    Found a very nice case today in Target. It's made by Nokia, very nice quality leather. I like it because it's got the belt clip and it sits laterally rather than vertically. No modifications were needed and both the antenae and the earphone/headset plug are accessible without removing it from the case. Velcro flap too, instead of snap or magnetic (real bad). Anyway, it's made for the Nokia 3320 and 3360....and it's only $15 bucks!
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    Can you post pictures of the Treo in the case? Sounds like a great alternative.
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    not sure how to do that....I just took a couple w/ the T600 camera. I'll gladly e-mail them to someone who knows how to post them to the thread.
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    But we want to see the treo IN the case, and NEXT TO the case - so take a few pics with your digital cam (you do have one, yes?), save them to your PC, and attach them to the post (see right below when replying, there's an 'Attach File' section - grab the pics from your PC or digicam, and attach them there..)

    I think on an overall basis, there's a bunch of Nokia cases that will likely fit - I used to have one of those 8860 chrome slider Nokias, and it also had the the horizontal case.

    here's a link to all the Nokia cases/stuff like that:,1431,,00.html
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    well, though not the preferred method, I've had to attach them to 4 separate posts....sorry. I'm surprised the 'attach' feature wasn't there for the original post..
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    What is the model number of the case? Do you still have the packaging material...maybe it is listed there?
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    The 203 Nutshell is still the best case!

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    Originally posted by finadvsr
    Velcro flap too, instead of snap or magnetic (real bad).
    Why do you say magnetic is bad? I've been using a horizontal belt clipped case on my I500 with a magnetic snap closure. Frankly, it has a number of advantages over my older I300 and I330 horizontal case that used velcro.

    For one, the sounds of ripping velcro is problematic when sitting in a meeting and trying to do the ole' secret SMS to another across the table (or in another room).
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    I bet its the Nokia CTU-22R
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    The model number on the package is "OCSL-20S". Looking at Nokia's website from the link above, they've got it as "CSL-20".

    As far as the magnetic flap closure, I seem to recall that magnets and computers don't play well together...something about wiping out memory and I wonder if it could affect the unit or SD card.
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    Magnet horizontal is bad with the Treo 300 because if you brush up against a doorway or something, it comes popping out onto the ground.
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    I could do without the ugly NOKIA label! lol I think Body GLove has a case that is similar to this but without such a huge ugly label.
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    Yeah, but the body glove has that stupid plastic swivel clip that breaks and scratches the finish on my nice leather belts.
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    I went and sampled the nokia case, it was a little too tight for my taste. The flap was very hard to close.

    Instead, following the advice of another poster here, I went to Walmart and bough a leather Belkin case for $7.97!!! Unlike the nokia, the belt clip rotates, so when I want to carry the case clipped in my pocket, I can.

    Here are pictures:
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    Do you happen to have the product number for that Belkin case? I've been trying to locate one around here, but there are sooo many cases made by Belkin . . .

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    It's the Belken E Series Leather Phone Case. Size: medium.
    Model # F8V6216-MD-E-MK

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