DANGER: developers have to be supported. and freeware developers too.

yes I'm one of them; talking about Treo, I made just a software; I developed it just for passion, by reverse engineering the gsm radio stuff, as Handspring didn't published any useful info for months and months.

then, once previous Treos were going to be replaced by the 600 model, they released documentation.

the issue here is that developers need the device, because we're not talking about a pc here, we're taking about mobile. and yes, they need as much documentation as possible.

now the Treo 600 is out and what happens: as a developer, I have few documentation, an emulator and nothing else.

don't you think freeware is useful? why there are so few freeware specifically designed for the Treo models? and look, most of them are poorly integrated with the device environment.

some months ago, Handspring made an offer for USA developers. what about Europe? (for example, it's my country) you know the answer.

as I wrote in another thread, I hope there are no A and B series customers for Handspring.