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    Anyone know or can guess if the Palm Bluetooth SDIO card will work in the Treo 600?


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    It only supports PalmOS 4.x
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    I asked that a month ago. Was told "no support for OS 5.x" along with "why don't you buy one of our BT enabled Palms?" . Safe to say, any SD BT card will have to be 3rd party. Doesn't look like HS or PS has any interested currently in allowing BT for the 600 .
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    I was told by a guy from Handspring that someone was working on BT SDIO for OS 5.0, but don't hold your breath. I think he said sometime next year!

    In the meantime I suppose a BT Jabra with a BT adapter for non-BT phones is an option if you just want to use it for voice or mp3.
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    Pulled this off the Scandisc web site from the bluetooth card so it looks like they are working on the driver right now.

    Coming in Fall 2003 - support for Palm OS 5.x

    *Requires SDIO Slot

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