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    which downloadable VPN clients work with the treo 600?
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    Did you see the one on the Handspring website? Go to their "software" section...
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    There's only 3, that I know of.

    Safenet- doesnt work with OS5
    movian- says it works with Treo, but wont find net connection

    mergic- not using pptp yet, so i can't test it. If someone gets this working, please post. I'm going to try to get pptp up and running shortly.
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    ...and the PalmOS 5 version, which is what is needed for the T600, is still in beta. If you email their tech support, they have been generally great on including new users in the beta program.

    It only supports PPTP, and not IPSec, but it works well for what it does. I highly endorse it.
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    As far as I could find, MergicVPN 1.05 (beta) is the only one currently supporting OS5. I loaded it this morning and it works like a champ.

    Just e-mail their tech support and they'll send you a link.

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