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    thats odd. i am using the Samsung I-500 and when on vision, i get incoming phone calls fine. It just asks me if i want to answer the call or continue surfing the net.
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    Thats the way it work s with tmobile too...
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    > ...I've got my Vision services completely disconnected, and
    > trying to call my 600 from home phone, I just received a
    > staggering 4 of 10 calls. That's right, with 10 consecutive tries,
    > the Treo only actually responded to 40% of the calls being
    > made to it...


    If you tested this in a signal area with adequate strength then SOMETHING ==major== is wrong either with Sprint or the TREO 600!

    Of this there is NO DEBATE!

    > ...In fact, when I first got the thing home, I thought it
    > was defective, since it just would not recognize that it was
    > being called.

    Uh...somehow I'd think the same thing, too - what am I missing here?
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    I read in another thread (sorry, can't find it right now) of someone who was having the same problem, and the cause was something to do with their 300 still being on and the Sprint network being confused about which device should get the call. It was sending SMS to the 300 or something. Anyway, the guy turned off his 300 radio, and the 600 immediately received all alls perfectly. I don't know if this could possibly be your same problem or not, but, if you have a 300, you may want to try turning off the radio.
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    Its a bit shocking that a major provider like Sprint doesn't have two way SMS enabled for all their customers. Almost every network on the planet does; an SMSC is hardly the most advanced or expensive bit of hardware around! SMS is also a great source of revenue, just ask British networks.

    With regards to the GSM version, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $T$-$Mobile$ $US$ $support$ $GPRS$ $so$ $calls$ $can$ $still$ $be$ $accepted$ $whilst$ $browsing$ $the$ $net$, $recieving$ $email$ $or$ $sending$ $a$ $picture$ $message$.
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    With the treo, I've found that SOMETIMES I get the popup notification that a call is coming in when browsing, and sometimes it just goes to the vmail.

    It probably all depends on what state the radio/transmission of info is in at the instant the call comes in, and what is happening within your applications at that time as well.

    I believe that's why Sprint says you won't get calls while using the network, because it's not guaranteed you will get the notification.
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